Curious Galaxy

​30" x 24", acrylic on canvas

Glass Bead Game (Monastery on a Hill)

20" x 16", oil on canvas

                                                             SACRED GEOMETRY

Sacred geometries are the basic underpinnings of nature and the universe.  Specifically, geometric patterns are found everywhere on earth and in the solar system and beyond.  These repetitions of shapes, lines, colors, and more occur on earth in its oceans, in landscapes, in the sky, and in the clouds.  In the larger cosmos, geometric patterns are repeated throughout the length of the universe or perhaps even into multiverses. 

These patterns comprise the most basic structures in the cosmos and may perhaps be considered sacred because they are ubiquitous, consisting of matter that is represented everywhere from the enormous expanse of the cosmos, down to the smallest molecular level.  As a result, these geometries have enormous reach.  Do they hold everything together?  Do they work in unity with everything to create the cosmos?  Do they describe the fabric of the universe?

 I am in awe of and inspired by the multitude of visual geometries transmitted by the Hubble Space Telescope and other large scale visual scans.  Their complexity and enormity are truly jaw dropping.

​My cosmos paintings represent an artist's inspiration.

Shapes Across 2 

24" x 18", oil on canvas

Night in Montreal 

36" x 48", acrylic on canvas

​Family Collection

Kandinsky's Challenge

24" x 30", acrylic on canvas

​Family Collection

Infinite Journey

​30" x 30", mixed media

Summer Breeze

18" x 24", mixed media

Honorable Mention  - Paletteers Art Show

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About My Paintings

I am currently working in both oil and acrylic paints, and sometimes I incorporate paper or other materials (noted by "mixed media") for greater texture.  Each piece is sealed with several coats of varnish for long-lasting quality and UV protection.  Most works on paper are framed and ready to hang, and all paintings on canvas are ready to hang.  Sizes shown are height by width.


​Welcome to my website.  I hope you'll enjoy browsing these pages as much as I enjoy creating works of art.   

An artistic impression inspired by images from the Hubble space telescope and the artist Wassily Kandinsky’s challenge to other artists --- “dematerialize the picture plane, urging the artist to transform it into a sensation of indefinable space, so that the spectator might experience the extension of … the dimension of time.”  Another way of saying that is “to create the illusion of cosmic infinity on the flat plane of the canvas.”  (Quotes are from p. 214 Spiritual in Art, which is taken from Point, Line and Plane.)   While I don’t think I’ve “dematerialized the picture plane” (which I interpret to mean to moving toward greater abstraction so that no identifiable objects are seen), I do see this painting as a possible first in a series, perhaps becoming more abstract and dematerialized. 


20" x 20", oil on canvas

​Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks.

                           Plutarch, Greek 26-120 AD                

Color Wheel

20" x 24", oil on canvas

Inside a Black Hole(sold)

​24" x 18", acrylic on canvas

Lynn Burnes Art